Smith and Winston is an exploration twin stick shooter for PC, PS4 & XBoxOne arriving in late 2018. Smith and Winston features a massively destructable voxel world, rapid twin stick combat, physics puzzles and Metroid style discovery.

Set in the distant future on a mysterious shattered ring world. Using an array of powerups, weapons and vehicles our heroes must battle space pirates, aliens and the very world itself to prevent the apocalyptic return of the malevolent First Ones!


  • Twin stick shooter controls.
  • 360° fast paced gun combat in full 3D world.
  • Intelligent navigating enemies.
  • Metroid style exploration.
  • Range of augmentable weapons.
  • One hit death.
  • Physics puzzles.
  • Hand built levels.
  • Innovative checkpoint system to encourage risky play and high scores.
  • Multiple strategies to complete each objective.
  • Range of collectable heads for fun.
  • Two player Co-op destruction.
  • Global, national and local high score system.


Hidden within the ancient ruins of the Ring are many hidden treasures. Heading off the beaten path of destruction you can find ammo, new weapons, new avatar heads and puzzles to solve. All of these deliver more points if you're brave enough to explore.

Alas not all problems are solved with destruction, sometimes you need to use your noodle. With exploding barrels, pendulums, seesaws and rolling boulders you can earn more loot and more points.

The shattered remains of the Ring are linked by strange blue glowing portals. The portals warp you to new area of the world. Remembering which portal goes where and mapping the strange new world is a challenge.

Some portals are hidden within the landscape and are only revealed through destruction. The observant may see that certain types of flora often grow near portals!


The enemy vehicles in the game can be taken over and driven by you. Ride roughshod over the enemy raining destructive chaos upon your foes. Watch out though as vehicles cannot travel through portals and when they run out of fuel they explode!


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